Hidden Facts in Indian Animation CHOTA BHEEM

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Hidden Facts in Indian Animation CHOTA BHEEM

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One would have been living in total isolation for the past seven years if he/she hasn’t taken notice of an animation revolution  called Chhota Bheem– a show created by Rajiv Chilaka of Green Gold Animation for children’s television channel Pogo – that has taken the children’s entertainment industry by storm.

Chhota Bheem Premiered in 2008 on Pogo TV.

It focuses on adventures of a boy named Bheem and his friends in the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur.[1]

In this series, Bheem and his friends are usually involved in protecting the kingdom of Dholakpur and its king, Raja Indravarma, from various evil forces.

Sometimes they also help other kingdoms.

It is among one of the most popular animated cartoon series for children in India.

The entire show is created in 2D Animation using a Flash pipeline, thus giving the entire look a very seamless flow and design.

The costumes, characters and sets are very neatly created and have their own distinctive qualities which go onto enhance the viewing experience of the kid audience.

Hidden Facts in Indian Animation CHOTA BHEEM

The show’s bullies – Kalia, based on the evil Duryodhan, and his cronies, Dholu and Bholu – are distinctly darker in shade than any of the show’s more positive characters.

Thus, the makers are also shedding light on the fact that the world is filled with both good and evil and its one’s choice of which side he/she would like to be on.

The backgrounds (BGs) showcase some great scenic beauty of India, which not only resonates with the domestic audience but also encourages a global audience to sit up and take notice of the diversity in the Indian geography. THE PAPERBOY GAMES AND VIDEOS

The colorful costumes, justifying the various characters on the show are also something worth commending.

A kid between the ages 6-12 years will always prefer to watch vibrant colours over dull or something with lesser colours, thus the makers have learnt from their earlier television outings and acclimatised to the tastes and viewing habits of their audience; which in turn has contributed in gaining further popularity among its target audience.

Rajiv Chilaka, in a few of his interviews, has likened himself to the next Walt Disney and believes that his Chhota Bheem franchise to be a bigger crowd-puller and money-spinner than even the Indian Premier League. HTML5 Game design

Chilaka has come a long way considering he had no connection to either the film or the television industry.

After heading to the US for his Masters in Engineering at the University of Missouri, he realised he wanted to do something else.

He had an inclination towards storytelling but felt his strengths were a mix of technology and creativity.

So, he came to the conclusion that animation is where he can succeed. PLAY BIRTHDAY & DRESSES UP GAMES ONLINE

One day, struggling with creating a more lucrative series, Chilaka thought about his favorite’s character in the Mahabharata, Bheem, and thought of creating a younger version of him.

But a pilot along with six developed episodes failed to get Turner’s Cartoon Network and the Disney network’s.my video games

He then decided to re-do  the look and feel of Chhota Bheem – after becoming somewhat  successful  with his other ventures with Turner in the meanwhile – and re-pitched it to Turner.

It got picked up as part of Turner’s Desi Toons (indigenous cartoons) series to localise more content. helping kids grow.

Which eventually went to Pogo? In three years, it became the top-rated kids show in India and still continues great viewership.

The five reasons why Chhota Bheem is close to the little hearts of the Country

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